Welcome to Roberts Active –  a person-centred,  sports injuries and general health service focused on helping your body REPAIR, RESTORE and PERFORM.

I’m Seb Roberts, the founder of Roberts Active, and I have been a movement health and fitness professional for over six years. My experience in the industry have led me to realise, that barriers to movement health and injury can always be overcome or managed by the correct assessment, treatment and rehabilitation.

My goal is to provide a service of movement health excellence. This combines, injury treatment, movement/exercise rehabilitation and performance training for people of all ages and physical ability. Whoever  you are and whatever movement issue that you may have, I can provide you with ways to improve it creating a fitter, healthier and stronger you.

How can Roberts Active help you?

Movement health produces positive active movement of you body through different postures and positions. This provides your body with breathing space and relief. Most non traumatic physical injuries are caused by how we move, and habitual postures such as sitting at a desk or on the other end – standing all day. Good movement health teaches you to move through different postures, in turn off-loading certain tissues (muscle, tendon, joint) reducing stress and giving the breathing space that stops inflammation giving pain relief.

So here are a few questions.

Are you injured or in pain?

Are you being held back completing certain activities?

Are you simply wanting to get fitter but just don’t know where to start?

Are you wanting to take your fitness to the next level?

If the answer to these questions is yes, my model of REPAIR, RESTORE, PERFORM will get your movement health to standards you wish, and beyond.



If you are currently in pain, or have just suffered an injury – the REPAIR stage is the start of your journey to great movement health. Assessing your injury, I will be able to understand, diagnose, educate you and construct a REPAIR strategy.

The REPAIR strategy combines hands on therapy and modern treatment techniques to remove your pain These techniques include

Sports Massage.

Trigger pointing.

Muscle energy technique.

Joint mobilisation.

Neural mobilisation.

Postural & movement adaptions.

Once your pain has been removed, you can get back to that activity you’ve been missing. Or progress to the next stage.



Restore is a vital part of your progress in the road to movement health. In most cases you can REPAIR injuries removing chronic & acute pain. However without movement health restoration, there is a significant chance you could get stuck in that REPAIR cycle. The only thing that helps is the health industry – not its clients.

Movement and exercise rehabilitation will provide the right exercise and adjustments, to give your body the relief it needs on a day to day basis. You may have an injury or long-standing issue preventing you from returning to sport? You could have more complex needs due to illness or neurological disease such as Parkinson’s? The RESTORE stage of your journey will educate and give you movement options. These movement options are the absolute best way to prevent injuries recurring.

Movement health tends to follow the “use it or lose it” philosophy. Muscles that are rarely used, or only used for a single function, will underperform and cause pain. Why wait? RESTORE function by getting some more movement options.


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PERFORM is simple. Take some time for yourself, think about what you enjoy about exercise and sports. Now set a target.

Do you want to make the 1st team at your club?

Do you want to beat your personal best in a 5km run?

Do you want to be fitter and stronger?

Have you got a unique fitness goal?

Are you venturing into the world of the marathon for the first time?

Roberts Active is here to help you achieve those goals. Everybody has heard of Personal Training. Roberts Active provide some key differences

Your bespoke training is modified – learn a new sports skill. Kicking, throwing, catching. Regain old skills or learn new ones.

You will be in the safest hands possible due to an extensive knowledge of movement and rehabilitation.

You won’t be getting injured from lifting weights too heavy or progressing excessively before learning good technique.

Don’t like the gym? We can do everything needed from the comfort of your home!

Are you a runner?

Four years as a running technique coach gives me the ability to assess your running technique and advance it for an efficient, risk free and fast technique. Whether you’re a seasoned runner targeting speed? Or you’re taking the first steps to running and have bought a new pair of trainers? Roberts Active will mould you into the runner you want to be.

Start PERFORMING today.

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“Sebastian Roberts was my lead Personal Trainer at Body Logic Health, Battersea, from June to September 2016.  During this time we worked to improve body strength and coordination, and to minimize the potential effects of PD.  I benefited very much from his range of exercises and encouragement, and this was noted by my Consultant. At all times Seb was punctual, courteous …

61 – Parkinson’s