What is it?

My Parkinson’s Disease personal training

If you have Parkinson’s disease (PD), My PD Coach prescribes you, an evidence-based exercise routine to help manage your motor and non-motor PD symptoms. Whether you wish to complete this at home, or in a gym, the app provides access to your exercise programme wherever you are. Videos and description are all available making it a simple and methodical process. These programmes are personally designed following a questionnaire and consultation with you – making it bespoke to your lifestyle, helping the symptoms that affect you most. There are no machines or one size fits all programmes. You provide your experience with PD, and I write your programme. Prevent progression, gain power.


If you aren’t sure about how you are being effected by Parkinson’s Disease, it could negatively impact you and your families lives. A perfect example are the non-motor symptoms of PD – YOU CAN’T SEE THEM! You might think they are unrelated or just general issues that lots of people have to deal with.

It could be your sleep pattern is disrupted, you find yourself having mood swings, or are plainly apathetic, not finding the motivation to keep active in work or family life? Knowing there is a reason for this opens the door for a solution, and the opportunity to take the steps to improve the situation. The education page will cover all the basics of Parkinson’s Disease in the simplest terms. The blog will provide regular and up to date short-long term content discussing, symptoms, latest news/ideas and discuss other publications.


Credible work and resources are ultimately the foundation of what my programmes, blogs and tips are based on. Click through to the resources section for links to current articles, news and research from accredited organisations to keep up to date direct from publishing sources.

About Me

I’m Seb Roberts. I personally write all the exercise programmes and author all the content on My PD Coach. My grandfathers on both sides was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease  when I was young, so I have been aware of the struggles that can accompany patients with PD as well as surrounding friends and family. This was a primary reason for developing My PD Coach – to inform and help people with PD as best as I can.

Educated in Brisbane Grammar School (Australia) I emigrated to London in 2011 and studied a B.Sc in Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation at St Mary’s University Twickenham (fully accredited and insured BASRaT member) graduating with a 1st class honours. Since 2014 I have studied Parkinson’s disease and exercise, completing professional development courses through the Brian Grant Foundation, PD warrior and the American Parkinson’s Disease Association (APDA). I have spent many hours looking for the best exercise and lifestyle tips that can improve the quality of life and combat PD.

I initially came across clients with PD clinically in a private practice physiotherapy practice. Working with these people on a day to day basis, coupled with my families history gave me feel like their is not enough help out there, especially when it comes to the extraordinary benefit of using exercise as a Parkinson’s treatment.

Exercise is medicine for PD – but if you are not an active person, or unaware of the specifics, MY PD Coach aims to fill the gaps, provide your daily exercise, educate you on PD and provide tips and solutions for daily living.

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