38 – Young Parkinson’s

“I received a massage from Seb and was very impressed by his ability, easygoing yet professional manner and his knowledge of his field. I have been diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s and Seb, having prior professional knowledge of the condition was able to tailor the massage to my condition and offer me extremely helpful advice …

16 – Cerebral palsy

“I had the pleasure of working with Seb for about two years or more. I say working, I mean client. And I have to say even as a kid, it is clear to see that Seb is clearly passionate, and loves his job, Which I at least think is very important to know when hiring …

55 – Parkinson’s

“Seb Roberts gave me Parkinson’s therapy and exercise sessions for a year and a quarter in 2015 to 2016. He was excellent. Great motivator. Inventive with exercises. Devised a mixture of demanding workouts, skill building and fun activities. Overall he helped me improve a great deal. I strongly recommend him.”

50 – Arthritic knee & Deep vein thrombosis

“Seb trained me one to one for almost a year. He kept me motivated and made every session enjoyable as well as incrementally tougher. My fitness improved dramatically and my personal problems (divorce) seemed to diminish as Seb is an excellent personal trainer and a sympathetic life coach. I would recommend him to anyone.”

61 – Parkinson’s

“Sebastian Roberts was my lead Personal Trainer at Body Logic Health, Battersea, from June to September 2016.  During this time we worked to improve body strength and coordination, and to minimize the potential effects of PD.  I benefited very much from his range of exercises and encouragement, and this was noted by my Consultant. At all times Seb was punctual, courteous …