16 – Cerebral palsy

“I had the pleasure of working with Seb for about two years or more. I say working, I mean client.

And I have to say even as a kid, it is clear to see that Seb is clearly passionate, and loves his job, Which I at least think is very important to know when hiring someone I always seem to think its infectious. Personal training sessions are not easy, they are not meant to be. But I can happily say I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with him and looked forward to them, That’s not to say they weren’t difficult- I was utterly exhausted after each one.

But it didn’t feel like a workout I worked hard, but he made it enjoyable not because he came up with fun exercises, fun exercises are usually the easy ones. But it’s his personality, he’s just nice to be around, you feel motivated. It’s not often you see a young person so clearly determined to do well and work hard and yet have such positivity- it really put me; many others at ease. Suddenly, it didn’t seem like just another sweaty unfulfilling  PT session. It’s like going to the gym with a friend or a close relative kind of like you’re working towards a shared goal instead of just a session with no meaning.

So I hope dear Miss or Sir that this gave you a little insight into his personality, work ethic and satisfaction of his clients. And that you come to the same conclusion I did.”

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